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Immigration Counseling and Evaluations

Thank you for reaching out for support regarding your immigration case.
Immigration Counseling (also known as Immigration Mental Health

Evaluations or Psychological Evaluations) can be helpful to individuals or
family members who are experiencing hardship due to immigration conflict.
Hardships can include depression, anxiety, worry, panic attacks, uncontrolled
crying, and family strain in the areas of support, education, and finance.

Our office works with individuals and families experiencing immigration related
difficulties through waivers, provisional waivers, cancellation removals,
persons needing: mental health evaluations, U Visas, Violence Against Women
Act, extreme hardship, and asylums.

What is an Immigration Evaluation?

An immigration evaluation is a clinical document provided by a licensed
mental health professional. The evaluation is focused on the specific
immigration case that the client is seeking. Examples of immigration cases
include the following:

  • Cancellation of Removal

  • U Visa

  • VAWA (Violence Against Womens Act)

  • Waivers

Your counselor will take time to provide clear direction on every step of the
session. During the course of the sessions, the counselor will document key
information, provide if applicable test, engage in research, and work closely

with your attorney. The counselor uses the information found to write a
lengthy effectively written evaluation which is provided to the client and if
needed can be given to the attorney.

The counselor’s role in writing and conducting the evaluation is natural and
professional. This is a professional and ethical foundation that guides the work
of the counselor. This simply means that the counselor will be neutral,
unbiased, and write the evaluation based on the information found in the

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